Ray Ban Plain Black Sunglasses

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Wayfarer glasses seamlessly combine casual and professional, trendy and classic.
There’s a reason this is the most popular eyeglasses style for the last century.Wayfarer frames are perfect for the rebellious, independent thinker who is looking to take on the world with his new and innovative ideas. Created in 1956, Wayfarer frames are characterized by a trapezoidal frame shape and thicker rims. Round, oval, diamond, and oblong faces work best with Wayfarers.
Made with Acetate Frame and, strong and durable hinges and a case with hook. There is no doubt this is the perfect eye Glasses to spice up your look

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From the manufacturer

Aviator Original Wayfarer New Wayfarer Clubmaster Round Metal
Aviator RB3025 Original Wayfarer RB2140 New Wayfarer RB2132 Clubmaster RB3016 Round RB3447
Size (mm) 55 (Small); 58* (Regular); 62 (Large) 50* (Regular); 52 (Large) 52 (Small); 55* (Regular); 58 (Large) 49 (Small); 51* (Regular); 55 (Large) 47 (Small); 50* (Regular); 53 (Large)
Material Metal Acetate Acetate or Nylon Acetate & Metal Metal
Best Suits Face Shape Round & Angular Round & Angular Round Round Angular
Personality Type Timeless & Iconic Legendary & Creative Classic & Innovative Retro & Bold Unique & Free Spirited
*Popular size


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